Saturday, January 20, 2007

Those Lovable Conflicts

Well, today I just discovered why time management is important. And why I need to upload more of my life on Google's servers (this time via Google Calendar).

Basically, I contacted a friend and let him know that I would be getting in touch with him later on today this evening.

Ironically, I discovered an event at church that is happening around the same time (give or take an hour). Although I have not committed to the event, everyone is probably expecting me to be there because I attended the same event last year.

And to make matters worse, one of the church members emailed me to make sure that I am wearing red (I think it's a theme or something, although I hope it has nothing to do with star trek).

I may be able to make the opening ceremonies, but I am definitely going to have to miss the dinner. I'll probably get some flack for it via MySpace (that is if I both check it next week) but that would be better than disappointing my friend.

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