Thursday, January 24, 2008

Saving Up For An iPhone

So I was debating between purchasing a brand new LG Voyager or LG Venus--or switching away from Verizon in order to pick up a brand new iPhone (and signing my economic soul with AT&T...scary).

In the end it was not the fact that the iPhone had cover flow, or that Voyager has vibration feed back when you touch the screen, or even the customer service of either (Verizon is rivaled only by Apple, although AT&T brings them down a notch).

It was the apps baby!

Or more specifically, the programs I could add to customize the phone.

LG Voyager has 22 Apps of which I only found three to be really useful.

LG Venus has 27 Apps of which I found a pathetic two to be of any use to me.

Apple's iPhone has a whopping 738 Apps (and counting), of which I found too many to ignore to be useful! (I'm still going through them!)

While I have the funds to purchase an iPhone (for $399), I don't have the cash (right now) to both purchase an iPhone, cancel my account with Verizon ($175...ghetto!) and pick up a plan with AT&T (who's customer disservice is least it was many moons ago).

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Life In A Nutshell

So I've neglected posting here for quite some time (apologies for that), mainly because I did not have much to report on except a few highlights about "web 2.0," rantings against politics, and my attemps to pick up a second language.

Speaking of the second language part, I've decided to take on Hebrew (through Hebrew Online), partly because I love Falafels and partly because of the cool technology coming out of that tiny country.

Hopefully I'll be able to pick up enough in the coming months to be semi-fluent when I visit the country, and if I master it I'll move on to my next language of choice...Japanese. ;-)