Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Iran Running Out Of Oil?

I bet this news is not going to make Ahmadinejad very happy, let alone the Mullah's.

(Israel Hasbara Committee) Iran is suffering a staggering decline in revenue from its oil exports, and if the trend continues income could virtually disappear by 2015, according to an analysis by Roger Stern of Johns Hopkins University. Iran earns about $50 billion a year in oil exports. The decline is estimated at 10 to 12% annually. In less than five years, exports could be halved, and they could disappear by 2015, Stern predicted. He added that there could be merit to Iran's assertion that it needs nuclear power for civilian purposes.

Perhaps the Israeli's could lend a helping hand. Although Ahmadinejad better do something before the Persians become restless.

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