Saturday, January 06, 2007

Blogger Is My Hero!

I never thought I would ever say this, but it seems that Google (or rather Blogger) has once again reinvented the way blogging is done!

(Blogger Buzz) The new version of Blogger now supports using a custom domain for serving your blog. If you already own a domain named, say, and want your blog to be served at that address instead of at a address, we can host your blog on that domain for you — for free. Your old Blog*Spot address will forward to your new custom domain, so the switch will be seamless for your readers.

I've already purchased several domains I would love to try this on (those being,,, and I will move my blog over to the self hosting later on today (after I get some sleep).

Is it me, or is Blogger really freakin' cool!

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Brent Roos said...

too buggy so far. i've tried it and almost had a heart attack out of frustration. i'm sure the bugs will get worked out eventually though.

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