Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No Honor Among Thieves?

Apparently their is a site stealing content from one of my weblogs, Inside Orkut.

I am not going to mention the site here (or the host) but I hope to resolve this issue privately in order to spare the hosting company bad media that can be picked up by the ever vigilant Google bots (aka Google spiders).

I've ran into this problem before, but thankfully the person in question last time apologized and complied (in essence, removed the offending posts as well as the site).

Hopefully a peaceful solution can be found as I have better things to do than dealing with content theft.

Update (1/11): Problem was resolved. Thanks Mr. [Host Company]!


Jonathan Bailey said...

I'm glad to hear that the issue was resolved well! That's great news. If you get a chance can you shoot me an email with the name of the hosting company. I keep reviews on how hosts handle such matters on my site. I'd like to keep that in mind for later.

Darnell Clayton said...

Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for stopping by!

Although I would love to forward the address of the host (as it is quickly becoming a popular one) I have decided not to disclose that info.

Since they removed the site in question in less than 24 hours, I will spare their site name embarrassment on the Google-sphere.

Thanks for stopping by, and it's good to see a good 9rules site!

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