Thursday, September 28, 2006

Google Reader Is Hot!

Love the new look Google! Now I can not only catch up with what my friends are saying, but also with what is happening around the world as well. :-)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Would You Choose The Money Or The Dream?

We all need money. Money is the blood of any economy, and if it ever stops circulating then your nation is registered as dead.

But dreams, goals, visions (whatever you call them) are the motivation behind the mind that creates the nation, business, etc. and without it we would all become nothing more than depressed robots stuck in a building working only to pay the bills and live another day.

But if you had to choose between the money or your dream, what would you choose? And, more importantly, is it possible to have both?

Possibly, but that involves risk, and to fail at striving so hard is more than enough to make most people shrink back in life.

About a year ago when I was studying for my investment license, I came across this phrase:

"The greater the risk, the greater the reward."

I think I am now at a cross roads in life. I can:

  1. Do something I kind of enjoy and make lots of money or
  2. Risk doing something that may not be profitable at first, but will satisfy this burning desire within.
I must admit I am wavering at the two, but then I am reminded that some things are done not for the money.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Future Of America?

(Hat Tip: Google Video Blog)

I sure hope not.

Makes you want to go out and cut up all of those credit cards.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Grant Writing, Is It In You?

I have been looking for a way recently to combine two passions of mine--money and writing.

Although writing a book would easily solve this problem (that is, if it became a New York best seller) I think becoming a grant writer would be something I would seriously enjoy.

I have already googled for some classes, and being the frugal person that I am I found some classes for under $500. Sweet!

I will still see if I can locate other places that are less expensive (and closer to home), although if I can find an online course somewhere, I'll probably be sold to that.

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Becoming A Lift Port Ambassador?

So I finally decided to "throw in the hat" and sign up to become a Lift Port Ambassador.

I actually considered doing this before, but declined because I felt that I lacked the "know how" to be able to discuss what a space elevator is all about, let alone write about one.

Many moons passed and I finally wrote an article regarding the space elevator, which you can also see over at Blog Critics.

After viewing the initial feedback from the comment section (as well as an email from Frank and Michael) I decided to simply sign up and see whether or not I am accepted into the program.

I have already talked to some people about the idea (with positive and negative responses) and was encouraged by what I heard. Although counter arguments against building a space elevator will probably appear, I have the confidence to face them and perhaps kick off a movement to explore the stars--at least in my area.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Test post

Of my new journal. ;)