Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pro's And Con's Of Blogger's Custom Domain

So I finally migrated another part of my life onto Google's servers, and I noticed several great things (as well as bad minor issues) with Blogger's Custom Domain.

Here are the great things about it:

  • Retain all of Blogger's new features without messing with FTP on your domain
  • Google hosts your blog for free! All you have to pay for is your domain
  • You do not lose your Blog*Spot placement, preventing spammers from capitalizing on your efforts
  • Google automatically forwards your Blog*Spot domain to your new one, so users visiting old posts go directly to the post on your domain

Here are some of the bad minor issues with it:

  • Site not listed on the world wide web (compare with
  • Another user could claim your domain via Blogger, preventing you from using it (see my theory for details on my second thread response)
  • Your Google Page rank drops (which means you'll have to resubmit it everywhere again)

Now, in my opinion the good definitely out weighs the bad, and I would seriously recommend any serious blogger to consider switching over as it does have a way of making your site feel a little more professional.

Note: Is it me, or did Blogger just become cooler than WordPress?

Update: Inserted bullet points on "minor issues."

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Brent Roos said...

I feel the same except for the fact that you may only use OR -not both as does(not for free, mind you). Also, the new Blogger does not allow you to edit comments. Other than that Blogger is improving a lot. I will wait to go back to Blogger though, as it is still very buggy. But yes, Blogger is for sure getting better, and will eventually probably be better than

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