Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Revisiting That "404 WWW" Blogger Issue

After previously posting about how to fix the mysterious 404 WWW issue with Blogger, I think I may have found a faster (and more simple) fix.

I tested this out with one blog already, and I am sure everyone else is going to love this as well (well, mostly everyone else).

Note: This may or may not require you to sign up with Google Apps (I don't think it should, but you never know).

  1. First, login to your host account, and locate the area of your account where you can create sub domains (on GoDaddy simply pull up the page listing your domain(s) and click on the one you want to create an account on. Then click on the Manage Sub domains account).
  2. Next, create a sub domain on the page. Since we all love Google, lets call it "google" (no pun intended).
  3. Underneath you should have an option to forward the domain to a URL. Simply type in your (with the "WWW's") and click save.

Now what is going to happen is that whenever someone clicks on it will automatically select the sub-domain as its first choice (don't ask me why it does this, but it does for some strange silly reason).

As soon as your "google" alias pops up, your server will redirect you to

This is a lot more simple and easier than my previous explanation (and a lot faster too). This should work after ten minuets, but give it a day to make it "round the net."

As always, feel free to comment if you have any questions, concerns or praises (I like those) regarding this issue.

Update: You should not need to point this CNAME to a host directly. Also, I updated the "google." to "google" (without the period) in the post.


Louie said...

Hey Darnell. Now I'm getting 404 on

arrghghghghghgh. And I didn't touch anything. Any ideas?

Marius Muscalu said...

please tell me if my settings are corect... is working but it's not...can you help me ? please ? my mail adress is

Gourney Detoure© said...

Hi D

It's Kerko just saw your post at google and read your web page.

You say just add ANY PREFIX at all?

You chose 'google', could I put 'cats' or 'cars' or 'reggie'?

Any prefix?

Im also at, please get back to me and I'll put this all on the Google Apps, asap.

Like yr site. Thanks.

Gourney Detoure© said...

By Sub domain I'm assuming you mean C Name. ?

Darnell Clayton said...

To Marius: Hmm...I think I see your error there. I'll email you though pretty soon.

To Gourney: Yeah, by sub domain I mean CNAME (virtually interchangeable).

Amy said...

Are you still dealing with this issue?? I'm getting a sporatic 404 error. I registered with godaddy and followed bloggers instructions. Yesterday worked just fine and today it's not. I didn't touch ANYTHING!!! Help!!! teampink "at"

Gourney Detoure© said...

Hi D,

Ive tried putting google in the prefix of one opf my sites, the one attached to this post, but the name wont come up without www, contrary to your advice.

Is it a case of any prefix? Does it take a while, it's been 48 hours I think, give or take...hmmm maybe not. Any thoughts?


Uri Cohen said...

You mentioned that subdomain is the same as cname? you said to click on godaddy... manage subdomains... make a subdomain and redirect this to ? I do not remember you then directing action to the cname/ issue?



Darnell Clayton said...

To Gourney: The prefix is not working? Hmm...who are you hosting with?

To Dan/Uri: In Godaddy, after having the domain redirect, you do not need to later on create a CNAME (with a host) if your site automatically redirects to (which should in turn redirect to

To Marius: Hmm...the email address is not working. Any others?

Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tyler said...

Do you have any experience of how to do this with Thanks.

Pete said...

I posted a quick fix of the Google custom domain problems on my Arizona computer repair site. The solution takes about 15 minutes to do and all your extensions will work ie:, htt://,, htt:// . This fix also works with Go Daddy domains.

Dave Gee said...

Thanks very much mate... that fix did the trick for me on one of the my blogs having the problem!

yourdeathtube said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bkerensa said...

See this

Michelle Hipps said...

Darnell, you are a Rockstar! your post helped me tremendously!! :)
*muah* (okay I know kinda cheesy but I needed to show my appreciation)

Rebecca Coult said...

Darnell --

I'm having a weird issue. I tried what you said, but it's not solving the problem. I want to host my Blogger blog on my Yahoo Small Business website. So far, I have it working great if you type in BUT if you only type in it goes to the old site I had been dinking with on Yahoo. Ack.

I'm pretty sure that I'm just missing something really basic, but I'm not seeing it. HELP!! PLEASE!!
you can email me at


yaven said...

Nice useful information..I Got free hosting,Blog becaZ I registered the Domain name in

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