Monday, March 24, 2008

Radio On My iPhone?

Hey, this is definitely something I never dreamed stumbling upon. And the best part is not even TechCrunch mentioned this (although Eric did suggest something to this effect).

Basically its a "radio" station for your iPhone. It will stream music to your iPhone, giving users the ability to choose which genre they want to listen to (or better yet, the Beatles if that's all your into).

Here's a video explaining the details.

I came across this while searching the iPhone Web Apps, and users can access on their iPhones by pointing their browser at

Update: Corrected post for grammar.

Update: Engadget posted about this about two months ago. You just can't win.

Friday, March 21, 2008

iLuv My New iPhone

So I finally ordered an iPhone, and despite a few headaches with FedEx, transitioning over to my new phone was pretty seamless.

One thing I did catch my attention was how much AT&T's customer service has improved since like--forever (but this might be do to the fact that they bought out Cingular, whose support rocked!).

Unfortunately, I can not upload any images from the iPhone to this blog (the Safari browser does not function very well on, but I will upload a picture of the iPhone later on (or better yet, a video!).

Update: Corrected some spelling, plus here is the video of a quick snapshot of the iPhone.

Note: For those of you looking to purchased a refurbished iPhone, you can find the link over here, and as far as the Obama videos go, you can check out Yes We Can as well as the Building A Religion on YouTube).

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Am I Back Up?

Testing whether the site can come back online.

Another Blog Test...

Site will be down temporarily. Just resolving a semi-old DNS error.

Will be back up in an hour.