Monday, May 18, 2009

Its Official: I'm In Love

Roses are red
Violets are blue
But the best part of life
Is sharing it with you
Whenever I'm depressed
Or angry at the world
You calm me down
Like no other girl
Some say you're too much
Like a red pepper, too spicy
But that's why I love you
You're beautiful and feisty
You're so sweet to my lips
And rarely ever sour
But whenever I need you
Your available within the hour
Being around you
Must be good for my health
I try to sneak by your side
Like a ninja with stealth
Just your presence alone
Just giving you one glance
Brings out the best in me
And inspires me to dance 
Some guys may prefer cars
Other guys may prefer dudes
But when it comes to me
I'm in love with Asian food!

Note: This poem is dedicated to all of the Asian women out there who can cook all of those delicious recipes that I can not pronounce. If you're a lady who can cook Asian food, then this goes out to you too!

Image Credits: Ninja from brunkfordbraun, Dancers from Barry Goyette, Chinese food image from Nanchang.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love Is A Dangerous Emotion

Love is a dangerous emotion
Blinding both rhyme & reason
It causes extreme devotion
Regardless of the season

Love makes the cowardly brave
Love makes the poor very rich
You'll exchange all the wealth you saved
Or trek through a dangerous ditch

It will turn the wise into fools
And reduce kings into mere mortals
Love will turn you into a tool
Smashing you against the rocks & pebbles

Love is a dangerous emotion
It's deadly right out of the box
But I will never feel it's potion
As I have locked it away in a box

~poem by Darnell Clayton

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Palm Pre's Upcoming Failure (And How They Can Avoid It)

Unless you are apart of the alternate reality know as the geek-a-sphere, then you probably have not heard about the upcoming Palm Pre, exclusive to Sprint.

While this device rivals the iPhone in several ways (one of them being multitasking), this device is doomed to fail--although through no fault of it's own (with one exception).

Dude, where's my App?

After being inspired by jailbreaking hackers, Apple launched an app store which everyone from Google Android to Blackberry copied.

To my knowledge, Apple has over 30,000 apps while Android has a few thousand (note: I have no clue what Blackberry's numbers are).

If Palm Pre launches without some App momentum behind them, they may not attract many users because their too busy coveting Stanza, Ocarina or Joost which are on the iPhone (but may not be elsewhere).

Solution: Palm Pre needs to entice the iPhone developer community in order to attract the masses by the thousands.

With many iDevelopers in an uproar against Apple over a delay of payment, now would be the perfect time to "steal away" developers from Steve Jobs.

My suggestion? Offer the first 10,000 developers 100% commission for the first month of operation, and extend that offer for another month for those who end up in the top 10.

Compare yourself, with thyself

When Sprint launched the Instinct, one of their first mistakes was comparing themselves against the iPhone. Not only did Apple receive free advertising, but it showed just how clear the screen was.

Palm (and Sprint) should let the pundits compare and contrast the phones, and not marketing execs (unless they want a public backlash).

Palm and Sprint are doing a great job of this this far, although I fear desperation for attention might kick in ruining everything (especially with WWDC rolling around in June).

Solution: Highlight your phone, wait for the Apple mania to pass (give it two weeks) before proceeding to the next idea below.

Palm Pre What?

While many people have heard of Palm--at least in the corporate world--very few in the mainstream have heard of Palm Pre.

Let's face it, everyone has heard about the iPhone. I know plenty of kids (8 years or younger) who know exactly what an iPhone is and (sadly) think nothing can compare to it.

Suggestion: Since neither Palm or Sprint can match Apple's market share (at least immediately), my suggestion is they introduce the world to the Palm Pre via talk shows like Oprah and Ellen.

They should focus on why the Palm Pre is "Oprah/Ellen friendly," and then give one to every member of the audience (with 6 months free service).

This would generate headlines beyond the realm of geek, and help establish Palm as a serious iConpetitor.

Conclusion: You are probaly wondering why I, an iFanatic would seek Palm and Sprint's success, instead of their demise.

Truth be told while I probably would never exchange my iPhone for a Palm Pre (at least without seriously testing the Pre), I do want a strong rival to appear against Apple, instead of these half baked attempts by the Blackberry Storm (who needs a UI design for their phone) and Google Android (who has a software hardware dissconnect on the HTC).

Palm is currently my best hope that a serious iRival will emerge which will not only save both companies from financial ruin (that would be Palm and Sprint), but it would spare me the agony of hearing "Hi, I'm an iPhone--and hi, I'm an Android Phone" in the not so distant future.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why You're Never Bored If You Live In Japan

And I thought the fact that they allowed you to dance the night away as a Storm trooper was the best thing. :-)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Is The Ticket To The Future Always Open?

Of all the televisions shows that I have watched since I was little, none have left a larger impression upon me than a Japanese anime flick called Trigun.

Anyways while watching the Trigun anime many moons ago, I came across an interesting quote from the main character, Vash the Stampede:

"The ticket to the future is always open."

With hyperinflation (via massive deficits), swine flu and pychotic dictators preaching nuclear war against their neighbors, I sometimes wonder if the future is going to be as open and friendly as I always dreamed it would be.

Despite the seriousness of these issues, the US is as polarized as ever, with both sides making childish remarks against each other (such as "the party of no" or Telepromter of the US aka TOTUS) instead of finding solutions on common ground.

What ever happened to the help thy neighbor attitude, even if you disagreed with most of their political views?

Perhaps I am naive, but I do know that if we don't figure out how to work together, the US will be finished as an economic power (not to mention a military one as well).

Which brings me to another quote from Trigun by Rem Saverem:

"And if you can keep your vision clear, you will see the future. What happens in our future is our own responsibility."

I think it's time we start working together instead of taking shots at each other, as if the other party were the full reincarnation of the Nazi party.

Because whether we like it or not, it's going to take ALL OF US to solve these unprecedent times--and if we can not even do that then we might as well dust off our passports and start taking classes in Manderin (aka Chinese).

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