Friday, June 26, 2009

Well, I Guess The Secret Is Now Out

After countless tweets, Facebook messages, Skype calls & text messages (when Twitter was down--AT&T made some serious $$$ off of me that day) I can finally say with certainty that I am in love with a woman who goes by the name of Amy Moore.

I first laid eyes upon her when we went to a prolife rally in Columbia, although I assumed that like most beautiful girls she was already taken (& let's face it, they almost ALWAYS are).

Fast forward to earlier of this year & I discovered that she was single, although at the time I was not looking to get involved with anyone due to the global recession (as relationships are expensive--especially REAL blue roses).

After numerous tweet messages (a few of which accidently became public--Grrr evil Twitter API!), I slowly went from hesitantly liking this feisty girl to loving this sassy lady from the south.

While the future is uncertain (thanks to our ingenious politicians in both parties--Grrrrrr!!!!), I'm going to do whatever is in my power to make this relationship thrive.

There are more details to this story that I won't post here, but if anyone who can keep a secret is interested in learning more, you can reach me at:

• Twitter: @Darnell
• Phone: 864-990-2091

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