Monday, December 25, 2006

Did You Enjoy Christmas?

In less than an hour, Christmas will be over, at least in my time zone.

Aside from connecting with family, friends and those of faith, I am really glad that everyone enjoyed their presents (which is not very easy, especially in these times).

My mom and I (along with input from my brother) purchased a black iPod for my father, which is great since:

  • He is not into the geek world like me. :-)
  • It can hold all of his music, which he loves.

For my brother I purchased a movie ticket for Eragon (it was not that great) as well as the book Elder, which is the sequel to the book Eragon (which my brother explains is a lot better than the big screen version).

As far as me goes, the only thing I got was a camel backpack, something I'll be needing next year as I go running/hiking through the green forests of my state.

With 2007 coming up, I am really exciting about the changes that are about to happen, although I can not legally highlight them here on this blog (sigh...we live in a world full of lawyers).

Anyways, Merry Christmas to everyone! And a happy New Year too!

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