Friday, June 26, 2009

Well, I Guess The Secret Is Now Out

After countless tweets, Facebook messages, Skype calls & text messages (when Twitter was down--AT&T made some serious $$$ off of me that day) I can finally say with certainty that I am in love with a woman who goes by the name of Amy Moore.

I first laid eyes upon her when we went to a prolife rally in Columbia, although I assumed that like most beautiful girls she was already taken (& let's face it, they almost ALWAYS are).

Fast forward to earlier of this year & I discovered that she was single, although at the time I was not looking to get involved with anyone due to the global recession (as relationships are expensive--especially REAL blue roses).

After numerous tweet messages (a few of which accidently became public--Grrr evil Twitter API!), I slowly went from hesitantly liking this feisty girl to loving this sassy lady from the south.

While the future is uncertain (thanks to our ingenious politicians in both parties--Grrrrrr!!!!), I'm going to do whatever is in my power to make this relationship thrive.

There are more details to this story that I won't post here, but if anyone who can keep a secret is interested in learning more, you can reach me at:

• Twitter: @Darnell
• Phone: 864-990-2091

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Hardest Thing About Love Is...

Of all the emotions that I've experienced, I think love is the most complicated. Seriously, you are elated about a person throughout the entire day, and one small thing can make you worry over them.

It makes me almost feel like a parent or something (even though I am not one). But you often worry about their health and even the smallest things (like a potential spider bite) can throw you off (Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!).

Although this is the first time I've been in love with someone special, I find that I become concerned over the smallest things (which usually isn't me for the record).

While I have no regrets about being in love (as I think it makes life grand and is ultimately worth it), I wish there was a way to turn the "worry mode" off.

At least for a while.

(Image Credit: Southern Illinois University)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Love Is Like An iPhone

Love is like an iPhone
It keeps me focused on life
Reminds me of what is important
And gets feisty if I cause strife

Love is like an iPhone
You feel lost when its not around
You'll hunt down its last position
And rejoice when it is found

Love is like an iPhone
It's programed to make you smile
It will entertain you for hours
And make stressful days worthwhile

Love is like an iPhone
It can become quite expensive!
But you don't mind the cost
For its quality is extensive

Love is like an iPhone
It knows the music of your heart
It adapts to your changing tastes
And imports only the best parts

Love is like an iPhone
It sucks up time and energy!
It demands a strong commitment
As it requires a lot of synergy

Love is like an iPhone
It must be treated with care
If you abuse it, others will notice
So treat it right and treat it fair

Love is like an iPhone
Its a privilege but not a right
It should never be taken for granted
And never surrendered without a fight

That is why I love my iPhone
And I think it loves me too
I'll never exchange it for another
For no other phone will do

Note: Images will be add in later!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

An Unwritten Future

The future has yet to be written
At least that's what I was told
Before the government bailouts
Before banks began to fold

They're saying the futures determined
As if I no longer have any choice
No opinion worthy of consulting
No influence with my voice

There is a debt that I have to pay
A credit issued to my name
But I refuse to accept this debt
And pay for my leaders shame

While I was born in this country
And raised here all of my life
I will not raise any kids here
To experience this economic strife

My future is still determined
But not by a government tool
I did not agree to this stimulus
And I refuse to pay for fools

So farewell my beloved country
I intend to live here no more
Because in half a decade or less
I'll be seeking out eastern shores

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