Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Maxthon Browser It Is!

So after experiencing even more problems with Firefox (see previous post for details) and testing out several different browsers, I have decided to go with Maxthon browser, with IE7 as a backup.

Maxthon seems to combine the best of the three most popular browsers online:

It has the the speed of Firefox
It has the security of Opera
And last, it displays the glory of the web like IE7

But the main reason for converting over was this:

Unlike the other browsers, Maxthon has a built in measure to prevent it from consuming too many resources.

I think IE7 has something similar (although not quite as effective) while Opera and Firefox both simply continue to grow, although the latter at an alarming rate.

Now if only I could convert my GreaseMonkey hacks and Firefox extensions over, then I would be perfect!

Note: Maxthon is a little weird in Blogger WYSIWYG, although I'll have to troubleshoot it some more.

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AnonCrow said...

For greasemonkey , try the JS-plugin for maxthon:

or the plugin manager:

As for extensions, which exact functionalities would you like , as the most basic ones are already built-in like in Opera or K-Meleon, doing what eg. AdBlock, All-In-One Gesture, Drag de Go, AutoHide, Image-Show-Hide, Linky, SwitchProxy, TabMix Plus, TabCount do in FireFox

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