Monday, May 21, 2007

Firefox Is Becoming Evil Again

I am really getting irritated with Firefox lately. Although the browser is awesome, its major weakness is the fact that it is a glutton when it comes to memory use.

Today alone I had to restart my computer three times because I couldn't satisfy its hunger with my computer's resources. Even with the various hacks employed.

I am sticking with Internet Explorer 7 for now, although I may consider using Opera.

And thus begins my search for a new browser again. Sigh...

Update (5/22): I discovered (yet another) useful hack that may solve my Firefox woes.

I seriously hope the Mozilla team finds a fix to this in Firefox 3, as this is getting to be quite annoying.

(Reaganwuzthebest on Free Republic) Here you go, THIS is what you need to change, VERY SIMPLE!

Find this line using the about:config in the URL = browser.cache.memory.enable

Click or double click on it so it reads: FALSE It should turn Bold also, to note the change.

I tried it, loaded up on as many pages as I could find and WHAMMO! Memory never exceeded my limits and dropped down to the 22k evertime a page would finally complete loading!!!

I'm still testing out Opera as a back up alternative, although I have to admit the web looks a lot prettier in IE7 and Firefox than Opera. Yeah, I know, I'm picky...


illiad said...

I posted a solution, but Operawatch is having problems(they have an issue with links or something, it wont show my post..)
go to and ask about customisation! we can help you make it more familiar!!

a few links..(dbl click at the end, 'goto URL' ..)
- why ‘badly made code’ works ok in IE - it maybe doing something else!! :O


so ask yourself how secure is your system! - and note that some exploits may have been sitting in your PC for months, waiting for the hacker to use them!!

I dont think it is the cache that is the whole problem - it may have more to do with the thousands of SWF, JS, etc that sit there, causing problems!

Run Opera *without* these - press F12 - and if a site cannot work without it, set ’site prefs’ for it..

another thing causing problems is ‘multiple plugins’ - type ‘opera:plugins’ in the address bar - If you have the same file shown twice, that may be the problem!

Note that the memory and disk cache are what gives opera most of its speed - you can switch this off (prefs, adv, history) if you really want, but...

The odd thing I have found though, if you have LESS than 256 Mb, you have far less memory problems!!! My laptop has only got 128M, and does not have problems! (its only 1GHz, so I am used to the slowness..)

Darnell Clayton said...

Hey Illiad,

Thanks for commenting! After testing out Opera, and IE7 (which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be) I have decided to go with a browser called Maxthon, which I'll explain later on in a future post.



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