Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Becoming A Lift Port Ambassador?

So I finally decided to "throw in the hat" and sign up to become a Lift Port Ambassador.

I actually considered doing this before, but declined because I felt that I lacked the "know how" to be able to discuss what a space elevator is all about, let alone write about one.

Many moons passed and I finally wrote an article regarding the space elevator, which you can also see over at Blog Critics.

After viewing the initial feedback from the comment section (as well as an email from Frank and Michael) I decided to simply sign up and see whether or not I am accepted into the program.

I have already talked to some people about the idea (with positive and negative responses) and was encouraged by what I heard. Although counter arguments against building a space elevator will probably appear, I have the confidence to face them and perhaps kick off a movement to explore the stars--at least in my area.

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