Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Is Love? (Poetry In Motion)

"What is Love?"
(Is a question I once asked)
"Is it a gift from above?
Is it an action or a task?

Can you enlighten my mind,
To this strange emotion?
That makes cold hearts kind
And full of devotion

To the significant other
Whom you deeply admire
And try not to smother
With your passionate desire

Some say love isn't real
That's it's all just in your head
But if that's truly the deal
Then one is better off dead

For the mind is very fickle
Despite it's thirst for knowledge
It's worth is about a Nickle
After one finishes college

Love is not an action
For all actions have an end
And lack the satisfaction
Of a trust worthy friend

Love is not an emotion
For emotions are irrelevant
Ever changing with commotion
Going from wrath to benevolent

What is love? Can you tell me?
Can you find its definiton?"
This question I asked Amy
Who provided this explanation

"Love is kind, love is strong,
And provides no tally of wrongs
It's forgiving and accepting
And it's never, ever rejecting

Full of grace and full of mercy
But it's also willing to hurt thee
To bring truth into your ears
Despite the future tears

It foolishly places it's trust
And is willing to go bust
By revealing it's greatest secret
Believing that you will keep it

Love is constant, it won't fade
For it's ultimately made
To last beyond a million days
Love is Forever and Always!"

I still asked more questions
But her answers remained the same
And despite my best intentions
I started to like this dame

And thus began the story
About Darnell and Amy
Two souls seeking out a journey
Together--for the rest of eternity.

Poem by Darnell Clayton

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