Friday, August 07, 2009

See You In 24 Hours

When did life ever get so busy? Between tweeting, friendfeeding, texting, facebooking, blogging &YouTubing, I've found that living in the era of life streaming (which for you non-geeks means posting frquent updates about life online) to become a bit overwhelming.

While a large part of this is due to my iPhone (which makes is easy to tweet, Friendfeed, etc. more often), much of the blame rests with me and my desire to digitalize my life in cyber space for future generations to explore over.

So for the next 24 plus hours I'm going to tune out all social networks and refrain from texting.

Yes, even texting her.

This includes email as well (and I'm turning off push updates so my iPhone won't alert me of the 100 plus messages that come through daily).

What will I do in the meantime? I'll probably read a book or three (as I have dozens on my iPhone that are feeling neglected) or even go see a movie tomorrow (G-force, Harry Potter or the horrendous GI Joe).

So until Sunday, good night all! And don't forget to get some exercise in the sunshine or catch a flick at the movie theatre).


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TalesOC said...

I know what you mean about feeling bogged down by the social media deluge. On the rare day that there isn't much in the way of updates, I feel like something's missing. Odd. I have quite a few real books and books on my iPhone that could use reading, and a good movie would be great too. Wonder when I'll get around to that? Maybe tomorrow...

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