Monday, May 18, 2009

Its Official: I'm In Love

Roses are red
Violets are blue
But the best part of life
Is sharing it with you
Whenever I'm depressed
Or angry at the world
You calm me down
Like no other girl
Some say you're too much
Like a red pepper, too spicy
But that's why I love you
You're beautiful and feisty
You're so sweet to my lips
And rarely ever sour
But whenever I need you
Your available within the hour
Being around you
Must be good for my health
I try to sneak by your side
Like a ninja with stealth
Just your presence alone
Just giving you one glance
Brings out the best in me
And inspires me to dance 
Some guys may prefer cars
Other guys may prefer dudes
But when it comes to me
I'm in love with Asian food!

Note: This poem is dedicated to all of the Asian women out there who can cook all of those delicious recipes that I can not pronounce. If you're a lady who can cook Asian food, then this goes out to you too!

Image Credits: Ninja from brunkfordbraun, Dancers from Barry Goyette, Chinese food image from Nanchang.

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