Monday, December 01, 2008

One Good Thing About Recessions: Cheap Books!

While I am not too thrilled about the overall state of the economy, one thing I have noticed is the abundance of knowledge at cheap prices.

Books that I would never purchase due to the price are now a fraction of their original cost!

This is true for both the online world as well as the physical, as one can examine my (steadily growing) ebook collection on my iPhone.

Ironically, reading all of these books has sparked my interest in writing one myself. I have a few titles in mind, although before I dive in I think I'll check out this book below (which I found many years ago but have put off reading until now).

Note: I may have to hire an artist after the book is done (assuming I finish writing it 6 months from now). Does anyone know of any good artists out there?

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