Tuesday, September 23, 2008

iBlogger Test

Testing out a new iPhone blog app for iBlogger.

This new version seems to have fixed most of the bugs (I still found a few, but they were nothing major).

The only thing lacking is image uploading, which is a deal breaker for blogger blogspot blogs.

On a more positive note, Google/T-Mobile launched the G1, which is a HTC Dream phone powered by Google Android.

While I probably will not exchange it for my iPhone, it does make a nice gift for my GSM friends.

T-Mobile G1


Anonymous said...

Hi Darnell, Thanks for the problem report, and testing out the next beta version of iBlogger. We'll be adding image support for Blogspot/Blogger in a future release. iBlogger uploads images to other blogs already.

We like the iMac / iPhone blog interface to your blog, btw.

And what's this about trading in your iPhone?! Dude.

. .. ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary,

Thanks for stopping by. I love how the G1 operates, although it does look very ugly in white and brown.

I think if Google can get Android on the HTC Touch HD, then Apple will have some serious competition on their hands.

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