Monday, July 23, 2007

How You Know When Google Is Listening To You

So I have been testing out a new feature from Blogger in Draft called Video Upload, and I recently posted a suggestion to Google about adding a status bar so that people will know how much of their video has been uploaded (so they won't freak out).

Well, it looks as if Pete from Google (I'm assuming its Pete) took a few minuets out of his time to read my comment and to my surprise I discovered this today while uploading a video on blogger:

And people wonder why I prefer Google over the competition?


Michael Shedlock said...

How the Hell does one get a hold of "Pete"?

I have questions and problems unanswered for months.

I now have an RSS Feed issue. People are reporting they have not received RSS Feeds since July 25.

Another blogger is reporting the same problem


Darnell Clayton said...

Hey Michael,

I simply commented on their blog, which they read in order to get feedback.

What kind of problem are you having? Does your RSS Feed have to do with FeedBurner?

WordBluesUnlimited said...

Hi, am scouting through.

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