Sunday, April 05, 2009

Blogger Vs WordPress (And Why I Choose Both)

I hate to dissappoint the fan boys and girls on both sides of the fence, but this is not a post bashing one side or the other.

Rather it is simply my reflection of two of the most popular blogging services, Blogger (as well as it's eternal beta Blogger in Draft) and (not to be confused with, which I would not recommend using due to it's limitations, which I'll explain below).

Where WordPress Excels

What I love about WordPress can be summed up in one word: design.

You'll won't find a larger collection of beautiful themes outside of this platform, which probably explains why do many Blogger themes are imported from WordPress.

While there are plenty of free WordPress themes out there, I would recommend purchasing a premium theme (like Elegant Themes which is inexpensive).

Another thing I love about WordPress is that it is comment friendly. Instead of using CAPTCHA's or weird puzzles, WordPress users can use Askimet (spelling?) which uses geek magic to decipher between the spammers and the humans ( users I would recommend using WP Spam Free which is better--and free!).

These anti-spam plugins keep make the WordPress commenting design much friendlier--unless of course you are a spammer. ;-)

Last but not least the ability to add pages is a plus, which allows you to create an "about me" section, making your blog much more professional.

Where Blogger Excels

Owned by Google, Blogger is the most popular blogging platform online. If I could sum up Blogger in one word, it would be this: freedom.

When it comes to posting media content (whether images, video or iframe documents) Blogger has IMHO no close rival. Users are allowed to embed content from anywhere, without the fear of it being blocked due to "security reasons" (which is why I don't use

You can also embed content from Google Docs, a feature I found to be lacking in WordPress (both of them).

Over in the Blogger in Draft arena, users can easily adjust the position of the image within the post by simply dragging it, a feature that makes "dressing up" the post all the easier.

This one feature saves me a lot of time, as I don't have to muck with the code in order to find the perferct picture placement.

Users can also upload video directly into Blogger, without the need to upload it on YouTube or elsewhere, which is great way to keep the video on your blog instead of infront of the public masses.

Last but not least Blogger's widgets make it very easy to add, adjust or remove content from your blog, without the need to enter within the admin arena.


While I could have mentioned other items (like WordPress Plugins or specific Blogger widgets), these above pretty much sum up the major differences between the two.

Since neither WordPress or Blogger are meeting my complete needs, I've decided to use both platforms until one of them steps up their game. I already have 8 blogs (4 on Blogger, 2 on and 2 running on my own server).

Both WordPress and Blogger are excellent services, although if you are short on cash I would recommend using Blogger (as you can blog on your own domain for $10/year) although if you prefer to host you own blog on your own server, I would suggest using

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Brad F. said...

Nice layout Darnell. I didn't realize Blogger had this much freedom. I really need to do something about my own design, but I'm a noob when it comes to that sort of thing. The fact that I apparently (according to my wife) have no aesthetic sense doesn't help.

I've used both the free Blogger and free Wordpress. I like Wordpress's looks better, and the pages system. The fact that there are things you can't embed in the posts though, simple things, just killed it for me, so I went back to Blogger. I want freedom in what I post. That's the point of a blog right? To post the content you want to share?

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