Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Shack: What I Loved And What I Hated

So I finished reading a book called The Shack by William P. Young.

Overall I found the book to be slightly "emoish," although it's one of those few books that I find that can alter ones perception of God (regardless of your perspective or philosophy regarding him).

Like most books nowadays, I read it on my iPhone (thanks in part to ScrollMotion) which has really rekindled the bookworm within me--but more of that later (on another blog).

Anyways, The Shack started off really slow. I felt like I was watching a LifeTime show produced by the 700 club (which I would not recommend anyone watching--especially the latter).

Half way through the book started improving (although it was still slightly corny) but the end justified the $16 I paid for this book app on iTunes.

Overall the book tries to paint a very simplistic "I love you unconditionally" view of God, and his constant fascination of humanity.

What I liked about the book was it's constant focus on improving relationships with friends and family. Love is a verb in this book (and not a noun) and whether you agree with its theology or not (note: many conservative Christians may not), The Shack pushes you to reexamine your relationships and do whatever is neccessary to improve them.

What I thought was lame about the book was it's portrayal that independent people are somehow evil, which might not thrill those of you within the Libertarian group (myself included).

Overall the book was okay, and if I had to rate it I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars (I would give it 4 if the intro wasn't so underwhelming).

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