Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Dear Hamas, This Is Why I Hate You

Its not the fact that they are firing missiles into cities or support the destruction of Israel. That alone would make me upset.

But when you drag kids into a war zone, you lose not only all of my sympathy, but gain my utter hatred.

Kids need to be PROTECTED!!! The fact that they are now trying to use kids as human shields speaks volumes as to their depravity.

Even Hezbollah (an organization who I also have no love for) does not (to my knowledge) drag kids into the middle of a combat zone.

And if you think I am upset about this going on, what do you think Obama, or Hillary are going to do when they find out about this?

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Anonymous said...

Darnell Clayon makes such a good point. Anyone who would drag a child in the line of fire is nothing more than a coward. Anyone who would be a suicide bomber for a hate group is also a coward. These fanatical islamist hate groups are nothing more than a bunch of cowards. If they would spend some of the money that they are spending on weapons to educate the childre, instead of buying guns, maybe those children would realize how insane this whole thing is. As bad as this sounds any country or person who's sole purpose is to destroy another country or person has not right to live on this planet. I am disgusted that the world has put up with these arab terrorists for so long. I hope that the rest of he world will follow Isreals lead and fight back against terror groups. On a closing note the muslims who are marching and causing riots and vandalizism in countries around the world are also becoming a problem, these people are in for a surprise very soon, as he world becomes less and less sypathetic these people become more and more of a pain in the ass and a burdon on society .
Sick and tired of muslims ruining the world!
Matthew Marin

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