Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Congrats To Obama (Note From The Opposition)

Whether you love him, hate him or just feel apathetic towards him, Obama just became our nations first African American president.

Even though I did not vote for him (although my Dad likes to point out that he did), I want to congratulate the O-team for a successful victory, and encourage everyone--regardless of how you feel about Obama--to work together to help rebuild our nation.

While I will not agree on everything Obama does (regarding his tax plan, foreign policy, etc.), I will not turn into a wingnut/moonbat over him becoming President (something that occurred when Bush reigned).

So for the future, let us set aside our differences (which are many) and work to rebuild our country. After all, we are all Americans, and to paraphrase what one man once said, lets put our country first.

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Alexander DeClama said...

It's great to see even people on the other side lining up behind Obama. I have to admit that I was one of those anti-Bush wingnuts, but mostly because of the way he came into office. At least we won't have any of those problems (president-select vs president-elect) this time around. I think he will be one of the greatest Presidents in history.

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