Friday, June 27, 2008

Dude! Verizon CEO Is Pissed (About The iPhone)

Is it me, or can you sense the jealousy in his response?

(C | NET) The head of the telecom giant seemed a bit irritated about Apple's march into the mobile phone industry when he answered a question posed by the Financial Times about Apple's chances of reaching the mass market with the iPhone 3G by saying, "There goes the conspiracy again. You're declaring them a winner before they've earned it on the field."

Seidenberg's main contention seems to be that the iPhone isn't a success because it has such a small share of the overall mobile phone market, which is sort of like arguing that GM is more successful than Ferrari because they sell more cars. While it's true that Apple has a long way to go before it dominates the U.S. mobile phone industry to the degree that Verizon does, it's only been a year.

Someone sounds a little upset against Apple. Later on, when talking about Verizon's "plan" against Apple he ends the article by saying:

"Steve Jobs eventually will get old...I like our chances," Seidenberg told the FT.

Sheesh! Talk about bitter! Instead of providing snarky remarks, why doesn't Seidenberg actually team up with an awesome smart phone--you know like HTC Touch Diamond or even convince LG to make another phone (as their Voyager was a let down).

And he wonders why people like me left Verizon for AT&T/Cingular (hint: it had nothing to do with customer service).

For all the iPhone wonders/doubters/apple haters out there, you will not be disappointed with this phone. After using it for about three months (note: has it been this long?) I can not honestly figure out how I used a cell phone before without full access to the internet, a real music player/organizer and visual voicemail.

Not to mention the fact that I can customize it with almost 2,000 web apps! (soon to be downloadable!)

So unless you live in Canada I would highly recommend this phone to everyone! Well, except for Seidenberg that is.

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