Friday, March 21, 2008

iLuv My New iPhone

So I finally ordered an iPhone, and despite a few headaches with FedEx, transitioning over to my new phone was pretty seamless.

One thing I did catch my attention was how much AT&T's customer service has improved since like--forever (but this might be do to the fact that they bought out Cingular, whose support rocked!).

Unfortunately, I can not upload any images from the iPhone to this blog (the Safari browser does not function very well on, but I will upload a picture of the iPhone later on (or better yet, a video!).

Update: Corrected some spelling, plus here is the video of a quick snapshot of the iPhone.

Note: For those of you looking to purchased a refurbished iPhone, you can find the link over here, and as far as the Obama videos go, you can check out Yes We Can as well as the Building A Religion on YouTube).

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