Sunday, February 17, 2008

So My Mean Uncle Wants To Help Me Buy An iPhone

It looks as if my mean Uncle may be giving me the necessary cash in order to purchase an iPhone later on this year.

(KlTV 7 News) Individuals earning 3,000 to 75,000 a year get a rebate of 300 to 600 dollars. For families making up to 150,000 annually, your rebate could be up to 1,200 dollars, plus an extra 300 for each child under 17. But how exactly will the rebates affect taxpayers like you?

Rebate checks are coming as early as May for millions of Americans.

Since you probably have to make at least $75,000 to get the $600, that probably excludes me from the full rebate (note: you can figure out how much you will probably get thanks to this handy dandy calculator).

Unless I can locate a decent smart phone in the next few months, my future phone choices will be: do I choose the 8gb model or the 16gb?

Note: For international readers who do not understand the joke, I am referring to my Uncle Sam.

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