Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ask Mitt Romney Anything?

It looks as if Mitt Romney will be once again visiting South Carolina this week (tomorrow actually), and has invited the public to an Ask Mitt Anything in the upstate.

Although I have a few questions I would like to ask, reality dictates that I probably will only be able to ask a single question. :-(

Thus far I have scaled down my list to these three questions which are:

  • What is your best method of stopping Iran's President Ahmadinejad from going nuclear since sanctions do not appear to be working?

  • As President, would you consider moving the US Embassy inside Jerusalem according to the Jerusalem Embassy Act passed by congress 12 years ago?

  • With China intending to land a man on the moon, how would you prepare our space industry to compete against rising China, and if you don't have any great ideas, should I pick up Chinese?

These were the best questions that I could come up with. I would ask about immigration and health care, although Michelle Malkin and USA Today have already answered those questions for me already, respectively.

Mitt has already answered my question about energy on his site, although I may ask it again since biofuel is looking more and more like a fairy tale.

So what do you guys think? Are these great questions or should I ask another?

Note: I'll see if I can provide some video later on, although CNN may have a clearer shot (since the media has better camera's than I do).


Anonymous said...

Hi Darnell,

I clicked over here from I was researching the pros and cons of hosted vs standalone blogging platforms. I can see that being hosted by blogger hasn't crimped your style. Wow! What you've done here is stunning! I think you should compile and sell an ebook about the techniques that you've employed here. I'm sure there are lots of blogger users that would want such a book (count me as one of them).

Totally off topic I know, but I couldn't contain my emotional reaction to seeing the layout of your blog.

My research is over, I'm going with blogger.


Darnell Clayton said...

Thanks Marc!

Although the eBook would be nice, most of what I have learned I've received from other blog*spot bloggers.

I've dabbled with self hosting before, and although you have more control, I rather focus on content than bandwidth reports, space, and bills for monthly traffic.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by. :-)

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