Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Video: Second Helpings, And Blogger In Draft

For those of you who don't know, Google has released a new feature enabling users to upload videos to their blog (for free) turning every blog*spot blog into a potential video blog (or vblog for short). Here is my take on the issue, plus some boring thoughts from my life.

Note: Don't mind the ugly mug, as I forgot to shave.

After thoughts: Although this feature is great, I just found out it could take a while for the video to upload.

Google has started a blog (Blogger In Draft) where you can post feedback on this feature via the comment section, a rarity for a Google Blog (something they really needs to change).

Update: There seems to be a bug in the video that makes it automatically play in IE (all versions). It will be removed until Google can fix this error. Sigh...and it was almost a dream come true.

Update (6/20): Google seems to have fixed the "video in IE" problem. Thanks Google!


Hopalong Cassidy said...

Darnell, I enjoyed your demonstration of providing video through Blogger In Draft.

I am wondering did you convert your video demonstration to flash or did Google do it for you?

If your original video was in some other format other than flash and either you or google converted it to flash for your demonstration, how does the converted flash version in your demonstration compare quality wise to the original format the video
consisted of?

And if your video was originally in some other format what kind was it, avi...etc, etc?

Darnell Clayton said...

Hey Hopalong,

I uploaded the video "as it was" and Google converted it over to flash.

The quality of the uploaded video is slightly downgraded from the original (which was in wmv or Windows Media format), although it seems to be better than YouTube's standards.

Either way, I am very happy with the new "uploading" capabilities, although it can take up to five minuets to upload.

~ahni~ said...

Hi there, would you be kind enough to help me?

I only a blank square in your blog here and also in mine (, is there anything that I miss during uploading of the video or anything that I need to configure with my IE, setting or whatever...?


~ahni~ said...

sorry - in second para, I meant to say "I only see blank square..."

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